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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday, October 10, 2010

BernaeGunderson_BrettFarve_Happy Birthday 10Oct2010

Happy Birthday to City St. Paul,Hometown_Homegrown Gal Bernae Gunderson "Umpire" Baseball with Football CounterPart Brett Farve.
Disclaimer: Bernae Gunderson aka Peterson carry's the Peterson Legacy,
Bernae is the Youngest Grandaughter Daughter of the Decedants Charles and Matilhda and the Youngest Daughter of Wm.O and Bernice A. Peterson. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BERNAE

Bernae Gunderson

Bernae Gunderson Life is great, especially when its gong to be 77 degrees outside, its a perfect 10/10/10, I'm on my way to umpire baseball and its my birthday!You like this.

Sissel Ullevålseter

Sissel Ullevålseter Happy biirthday to you from Oslo ,Norway!!!

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Audrey Huang

Audrey Huang Happy Birthday, Bernae!! Hope you have a great birthday

Sharon Anderson Bernae its Bret Farve 41 Birthday
You Libra's are Great Athlete's You Go Girl Luv Ya

Sharon Anderson Happy Birthday Brett Lorenzo Favre
Brett Lorenzo Favre (pronounced /ˈfɑrv/;[1] born October 10, 1969) is an American football quarterback in the National Football League for the Minnesota Vikings. He is a 20-year veteran, predominantly as the starting quarterback for the Green Bay Packers (1992–2007) and Minnesota Vikings (2009–prese... Share

    Sharon Anderson

    Sharon Anderson FAMOUS BIRTHDAYS: 10/10/10 Hometown Gal Bernae Gunderson "umpire" Bret Favre Football Libra's4Love_Athletics_Health Perfect 10's

    City of Saint Paul

    City of Saint Paul Make sure to check out the Saint Paul Art Crawl this weekend!

    Thursday, October 7, 2010

    Mora decorated for focus on health and fitness - Kanabec County Times

    Mora decorated for focus on health and fitness - Kanabec Coun
    Mora decorated for focus on health and fitness
    Mora Mayor Greg Ardner and City Planner Beth Throp accept a plaque Tuesday from Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry Commissioner Steve Sviggum

    Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry Commissioner Steve Sviggum was in town this week to present the city with a plaque recognizing Mora's selection as a "Governor Fit City."

    Commissioner Sviggum praised city officials for "providing opportunities for citizens to focus on healthy lifestyles and fitness."

    Mora City Planner Beth Thorp was thanked by the city council for her initiative in submitting Mora's "Governor Fit City" application, and representatives of several local civic groups, including the Mora Vasaloppet and M.A.Y.R.A., were recognized as being vital partners in the ongoing effort to enhance local fitness and health.ty Times


    Disclaimer: Sharon Anderson aka Peterson: Is proud that Sharon's BirthPlace Mora MN has interviewed Sharon's Republican opponent
    Please view the Video as Chris Barden is exposing DFL Lori Swanson's apparant Criminal Activity while MN Attorney General re: $2xx hundred Thous Slush Fund given to ACORN , Our Tax Money used against US, and or Illegal use of Lori Swanson Abuse of Power,Authority.
    PS Sharon is still a WRITE IN 4MNAG to have standing to also challenge Election. On the Graves of Tenants in Common Bill and Bernice A. Peterson the Peterson Legacy lives on. William O.Peterson youngest of Charles and Mathilda_ Sharon Peterson oldest Child of Bill and Bernice_ Carry's the Torch of Truth_Tolerance_Trust.

    Thank You to the Kanabec Times to expose this for Public Preview eChris Barden for Attorney General

    Chris Barden for Attorney General Video from Mora, MN where I discussed my top priorities of protecting Minnesota and implementing Photo ID:

    Chris Barden, Republican candidate for Minnesota Attorney General, made a Thursday morning stop in Mora to discuss his race.

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