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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Bill_BernicePeterson_Children Bernae+BillyP+Sharon

                          Aug.2013 Posted
      Bernae Peterson youngest daughter of Bill and Bernice Peterson married
Scott Gunderson 29 yrs, with 3 Sons Drew,Jordon,Chase.
                               CONGRATULATIONS BERNAE THANKS4MEMORYS.
                                Aunt Mildred Zimmerman Bernae the Beautiful Bride,AuntFlorence, me
SharonPeterson,1st Husband John Scarella,2nd Jim Anderson and Aunt Peggy Doren,
Sisters Mildred,Florence,Peggy are Gone Not Forgoten.

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Bernae Gunderson

Sharon Anderson


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29 years ago on August 18th. I sure miss my Aunts, Florence Kendall, Milly Zimmerman, Peggy Doren. Don't know where Sabrina Doren, my flower girl went. Sharon Anderson & Tasha were there.
— with Sharon Anderson and Natasha Doren Roux in Saint Paul.Bernae Gunderson
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